Research Opportunities

A key part of Cartwheel Galaxy is our focus on stay current on the latest technologies, our R&D will be focus on maximize our investments on internal projects that will enable us to produce expertise, while adding products or services to our portfolio of offerings.

Here the areas of focus for the R&D teams will focus on leverage those technologies used in our delivery activities but also in disrupting technology that can offer interesting niche opportunities:

Cloud Native Applications
Enterprise Business Solutions through Microservices
Digital Interactive
Secure Private and Public Ledgers through Blockchain
Internet of Things
Robotics Solutions with Industrial Applications
Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Lab

  1. Business Computing MicroServices
  2. Serverless Content Management Platform
  3. NextGen Ads Inventory for Mexican Web-Publishers

Videogames Lab

  1. Casual Gaming Framework
  2. Brand Recognition Games

Drones Lab

  1. Design of heavy duty multi-purpose quad-drone
  2. Manufactory plans for drone construction and assembly
  3. Drone imaging surveying and analysis service for smart agriculture

Blockchain Lab

  1. NonProfit Revenue Accounting Ledger
  2. Advanced eSign service for electronic documents using Mexico’s eFirma.

If you are interested on implement some of these lab projects, want to collaborate or just know more about them please contact us.

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