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Here are some of the games we have released over the years:

Fred Remaster

Addictive but educational game inspired by the Memory Game of the Fabulous Fred, an electronic game machine from the 80s.

Fred Remaster ranked #1 Educational App for iPhone in Mexico App Store on February/2011, March/2011, April/2011 and May/2011.

You can use Fred Remaster App like a simple music device or as a memory game. For the Memory Game, the app will show a color and you need to repeat it, every round the app will add a color. The Score will reflect how many times you have repeated the colors correctly.

Fred Remaster will help you improve your attention, memory, and concentration. Also, this is a great way to teach kids the musical notes with attractive colors.

Challenge your friends to beat your record in Game Center and compare yourself vs. the world. Share your best scores on Facebook, for your friends to see your progress and brag about your accomplishments. Play Fred Remaster 5 times every day and your mental agility will improve in a few days!

Jump A Side

Where to go left or right? Left, right, left, left!

Think fast which side to jump to and land on the platform in order to keep climbing up and get as high as you can. Tap the screen on the side that the new platform appears in order to jump to it, do not take to long on jumping or you will lose. But be careful sometimes the platforms are higher and you will need to double tap in order to reach it otherwise you will crash into it.


Q-Bix is a simple and addictive casual game. Jump over as many triangles as you can. Addictive and time passing game. Q-Bix is easy to play and pleasurable game for all ages. Challenge your friends to see who can get more points. Download the game, is free!

Time Bits

Time Bits is an engaging game for everyone, the gameplay is simple, match up all the bits before the time runs out, and you are a winner. Compete against your friends and family with different styles and time limits. Frequent updates have expanded the styles available. Download now for free and get those bits flying.

Fiesta Balloon

Fiesta Balloon is a fun and addictive game. The objective of the game is to not let the balloons fly away, touch the screen to send them back down to make points, but watch out for the arrows that want to pop them, as you go more balloons appear. Challenge your friends to see who can get more points. Fiesta Balloon is an easy game for all ages, and is free!

Breaking Bricks

The good old game renovated with new styles.

The objective of this game is for the player to break as many bricks as they can without causing the ball to fall, to avoid this, use the paddle in order to keep the ball in the game & hit the bricks. The more credits you get while playing, the more skins you can buy and choose to play. Play different skins and customize the application's looks to your liking, enjoy the different experiences that they have to offer you. Revive the feelings of the old days while getting a refreshing experience with each skin.

Invader Space

Data Log November 13, 2925, the following message was intercepted:

During the exploration of the “Cytra-9” scouting group venturing into the depths of space, we have confirmed that the prime natural resources of the neighboring planets had been... drain. Our scientists expect that it will only be a matter of time until our own planet runs out of them… But not everything is lost, during a reconnaissance mission one of our scouts found something fascinating. They found a planet full of organic resources located beyond Andromeda’s grasp. But there is a problem, it seems that such planet is already inhabited. But we’re running out of options . Our mission simple: We send an armada of our best soldiers to start the eradication of the habitants. This may sound cruel, even barbaric…. But it’s them or us.

This is General Zektro, Signing out.


  • Amazing old school graphics.
  • Endless game mode.
  • Increasing difficulty.

Download the game, is free!

X O Revolution

X O Revolution is a mobile app of the classic game of tic tac toe, that almost everybody around the world has played at least once in their lifetime, regardless of what they prefer to name it. Designed with monthly neon colors and seasonal themes that, you or anyone you play against, will be able to switch between freely.

Download for free now and enjoy a classic with friends or rivals alike.

If you are a gaming development studio and/or have a great idea for a game we can build it for you.

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