Cartwheel Galaxy Inc.


Headquartered in Austin Texas with a nearshore development center in Durango Mexico, Cartwheel Galaxy (CwGx) provides services, solutions and products to clients at a great value.

We employ the latest technology, practices and methodologies, all to offer exceptional councel, services, and products at a reasonable price. We bring extensive experience, professionalism and innovation to every project, service or product, aiming to solve our clients problems, needs, and concerns.

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Our Offering


Senior IT Professionals with strong technical expertise in their respective areas bring their experience and skills to solve complex problems through technology.
Advanced Software Services
IT Consulting

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Nearshore Development Center is superior to OnShore and Offshore, as it improves on cost-effectiveness while keeping the superior comunication and resoponse with our teams, keeping the same timezone with our clients. Our nearshore development services offerings are:
Staffing Services
Cloud Managed Services
Delivery Services

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Our market, sales offerings are:
Software as a service
Digital Products
Industry Solutions
Technology Products

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Our R&D teams are focused on improving the technologies we use for delivery activities, while also exploring potential disruptive technologies that can offer interesting niche opportunities.

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Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.


CwGx Winning Formula

Our formula of "US based Professional Services" + "Nearshore Development Center" + "Focus on latest technologies" + "Research and Development Group", makes an offering that stand for its attributes:

US based Professional Services, brings knowledge, experience and leadership.
Nearshore Development Center, makes it cost effective while keeping the required interactivity of the team working in the same timezone of its clients.
Latest technology, solves more complex problems faster, better and cheaper.
Research and Development, will leverage the talent of unused capacity and transform it in a even greater business opportunity.

These attributes enable our Sales and Marketing teams to have greater odds of winning every opportunity in which we compete.

Here a list of our current offering of services:

  • Game Development Services
  • Development of Mobile Applications
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Development of Cloud based Applications
  • Distributed Applications (DApps) based on Blockchain technology
  • Design and production of Drones for custom uses

The mix of Senior Consultants in USA matched with our well trained Engineers from our Development Center in Durango Mexico, deliver a remarkable value and is significantly better than our competition.

Try us and you will get convinced.

No, Cartwheel Galaxy Inc. is a Legal Corporation established in USA and with Headquarters in Austin, TX.

Our clients will be making contracts with us and we will handle the assignments from our development center in Mexico.

Our employees perform all business interactions in english and have been trained any assignment to clients or projects.

Our Software and Technology Development Center is located in Durango, Mexico.

We found a great home there thanks to leading educational institutions, talent graduated and good quality of life.

This combination is our formula for success.

We are always happy to chat about what we do, why, and how.
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